About Katie...


As a former model, Katie had set out to live the LA dream. Though after 3 years of working professionally in the industry, a new dream would be realized. 


She met a lot of people that put value on her based on a number, a measurement, the color of her skin, the color of her hair, her weight, the circumference of her hips, waist, and breasts. Parts of herself that she was never insecure about were photoshopped out and somebody's elses idea of beauty was imposed on her. And finally she had to realize that she was more than a shell. And her intelligence, her compassion, her Being, and her real human qualties needed to be valued. She terminated her contracts with all of her agencies and left Los Angeles.


Katie tried yoga on a whim and fell in love. As her physical practice expanded and grew, so did her spiritual practice. She discovered a different sort of connectedness with people on her mat along with her ownself. The sense of shame she had previously learned to adopt with her body as a model transformed into a sense of gratitude. This was gratitude not in an asthetic sense, but in what it was allowing her to do, the strength it gave her, and the peaceful energy she was able to tap into within herself.  


She now resides in Flagstaff, Arizona, where she is studying public health and teaching yoga. Her class is taught in a local park and is donation based. All proceeds benefit, The Flagstaff Eco Ranch, a certified non-profit organization that practices and helps to teach sustainablity.


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